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Shipping and Delivery Policy

Once a customer completes the check-out process, we will inform the customer regarding the estimated date and time of the delivery via email/SMS for the items ordered. If in case the customer feels that the delivery date & time selected is not convenient, the customer can contact our Customer Service team and ask to reschedule to a time that suits them based on availability.

If the delivery fails due to the given reason, the following procedures shall be applied:

1. No one available to receive the goods at the address provided

The delivery team will try contacting the customer on their provided number. In case the customer does not answer the call. The delivery team will A) Leave the order with the customers security and note down their name. B) Inform the Customer Care Staff (CCS) about the same and commence the schedule as per the daily chart. Our Customer care team will connect with the customer regarding the same. Once the contact is established, CSS will update the DC supervisor and that respective delivery staff on the revised timings.

We shall ensure that the delivery of the product is executed as per customer’s given timing. In case the date of delivery is changed by the customer last minute, the product shall be brought back to the dispatch center. Re-delivery shall be attempted by the team as per customer’s proposed schedule. the re-delivery charges will be incurred by the customer. We shall also check that the products brought back are consumable or not for re-delivery, if not, then the products shall be replaced with the ones which are fit for consumption. If the customer is unavailable for a long period of time, Vibini. shall add the customer’s payment into their wallet available for use for their next order.

2. Wrong address provided by the Customer

Once the Delivery staff comes to know that the address entered by the customer is wrong, he shall inform the CCS to coordinate with the Customer regarding the same. CCS will contact the customer and ensure that the correct address is entered into the customer’s profile. If the address is within the same cluster, the delivery staff and dispatch center shall be informed about it and same day delivery shall be attempted by the respective cluster.

In case the address falls into the adjoining cluster, CCS staff will coordinate with both cluster teams to ensure that the handover is done for the following day. In case the address provided is not within the adjoining cluster, the delivery team will ensure that once all their cluster deliveries are completed, they shall attempt to deliver to that particular address if possible or refund the funds in to the customers online wallet.

3. Goods damaged while in transit/out for delivery

In case, all the goods are damaged during the transit, the delivery staff shall inform the CCS regarding the same and CCS will inform the customer. The CCS team shall ask the customer for a revised date and time of delivery and inform the dispatch center regarding the same. In case a few goods from the entire order are damaged the same shall be intimated to the dispatch team and CCS. CCS will coordinate and give advance information to the customer regarding the shortage of goods and its estimated date and time of delivery. CCS will ensure a track is kept on such cases until the delivery of all goods is completed.

4. Delivery delay due to unavoidable circumstances (Band, Traffic, Weather conditions, etc)

Delivery staff shall inform the CCS regarding the delay along with the reason and provide revised delivery timings or dates in case of bandh/lockdown, etc. The CCS staff will update the customers regarding the same.

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