About Us

Prithviraj, who founded Vibini, grew up spending a lot of his time at his family-owned farm. The slow happy life, fresh produce, unadulterated food & the clear night skies always fascinated him. Inspired by his forefathers and their rich farming history, his dream was to make the authentic farm life experience and the organic produce easily accessible to everyone.

Vibini Organics is a pandemic baby. If there is one thing that COVID 19  taught us, it was the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The world was forced to choose a sustainable way of living. However, the first few months into the pandemic made us realise the importance of good quality produce & the privilege to have easy access to it. The struggle for authentic and organic food has been real and at Vibini, we wanted to bridge that gap.

Vibini started off as Pune’s first wholesaler of exotic fruits. Sourcing the best quality products from all over the world and making it easily accessible to the people was the only aim. 

However, after relentlessly spending hours into research and planning, Vibini is now introducing its own homegrown produce from the farm to the world.

You are what you eat & we give only what’s best for you!